The Shipping Agent can act as a protecting agent, usually when other Agent, appointed by the charterer, represents the vessel in the Port. In such event, the owner designates a Protecting Agent to defend the interests not only during commercial operation, but also to legally represent it in conflict or casualty.
Sul Trade has an experienced team with broad knowledge in the shipping field, in order to guarantee to clients a constant supervision of the operation looking for vessel’s safety, protection of commercial interests, as well as legal liability together with Brazilian authorities.

As Protecting Agents, we offer the following services:
-    Follow-up of Operations;
-    Validation of invoices and disbursements accounts;
-    Damage and claims monitoring;
-    Operation before P&I Club;
-    Coordination of bunkering delivery and provisions;
-    On/Off Hire Follow-up

Ready to work in all foreign trade fields, Sul Trade has the logistics solution for Customers’ demands and count with own offices and a professional network of partners in the main Brazilian ports.