NVOCC or Consolidation

NVOCC, or Cargo Consolidation, is the procedure which several products, usually from different shippers, are packed in the same container. Thus, providing a better space use and consequently reducing transport costs of the goods.

Sul Trade is able to offer the following services with quality:

Cargo consolidation:
-    Freight Bookings to any destination, in all modes;
-    Transport from plant to loading port;
-    Cargo monitoring at destination until unstuffing or delivery to client.

Cargo deconsolidation:
-    Freight Bookings from any destination to Brazil, in all modes;
-    Clearance and deconsolidation before Tax and Customs Authorities;
-    Container unstuffing in the mode Pier-to-Pier;
-    Transport from Terminal until final client.

Ready to work in all foreign trade fields, Sul Trade has the logistics solution for Customers’ demands and count with own offices and a professional network of partners in the main Brazilian ports.